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Hearty food for any film crew

Providing film crew catering in London and home counties with excellence.

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Food fit for hungry work.

Film crews are busy people, therefore, they need energy and sustenance that will keep them going to capture every last second during filming.

Creative Cuisine provides film & TV location crews with the food they need to get the job done, without having to worry about fueling themselves.

Having spent 15 years in film catering, we know what you need to stay within budget and to keep your crew well fed and looked after.

We supply film & TV location crew catering in London and surrounding home counties, creating bespoke menus and delivering straight to set.

Do you have a shoot coming up that you need to be catered? Get in touch with us.

Hearty food for all types of film and TV crews

It is no surprise that meeting the needs of a film crew can be difficult. Schedules change and people move quicker than you might like them to.

Typical quick-to-order apps are not fit for the film industry. You could order some lovely food just before the director calls to re-shoot the scene and, just like that, the food you ordered is cold before you even get round to eating it.

We deliver hot food, tailored to the needs of your crew, straight to set in professional hot boxes and containers that will keep your food hot for a long period of time. Allowing you the flexibility on when you have lunch knowing you're going to enjoy it.

No matter the requirement, if you are looking to fill your crew with hot, delicious food among meat-eaters, vegans, veggies, and food-intolerant bellies, just get in touch.


The New Normal

Click to find out what we are doing in the new normal to keep you, your crew, and us safe during this challenging time.

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Customised menus, made to order.

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